Traditional Dill Pickle Vodka

This is a new type of liquor that is made with vodka, pickle, and dill.

Take a glass jar and pour the vodka into it. Then add the pickle brine. Stir the ingredients while adding to the glass.– 

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In the next step, add the 3 dill pickles to the same glass. Make sure that pickles are covered in the water properly

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 Cover the glass jar with its lid. Then refrigerate the pickle vodka mixture for 2 days. You can stir this mixture every day in the fridge– 

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–You can check the taste of the mixture every day. So, that you can know whether the pickle vodka mixture is ready or not

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When vodka gets the full flavor of pickles then remove the pickle from the glass jar. Transfer the dill pickle vodka into a wine glass

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– Your dill pickle vodka is ready. You can enjoy this drink right away. You can use the slice of lemon with the dill pickle vodka

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Enjoy Traditional Dill Pickle Vodka